Basic fees for our services

Our working philosophy regarding fees deals with two major points…

1 - Cost is usually based upon the length of the résumé.

2 - A résumé should only be long enough to get you into the interview.

There should be no fat or fillers to artificially lengthen it. If we can effectively prepare your résumé on one page, we will. The length of your résumé may be affected by the length of your career (or the years noted on the résumé), the number of accomplishments and other factors.

While many services absolutely don't want you to know their fees beforehand, we can't imagine investing our (or, for that matter, your) valuable time and money in the hope of getting the position you want, without knowing beforehand what the exact fees will be.

One-page résumé$180.

Any work needed on a second page (again, only when necessary) is pro-rated at $180. We will always try to keep your résumé as short as possible without losing impact. If, for example, 1/3rd of a second page is required, the fee would be $60 for that portion of the page. You are only charged for the work we actually perform and nothing else.

Regardless of the length of the résumé, the fee includes the 1-1/2-hour interview and any required editing. If the interview takes longer, that's OK. The work isn't finished until it's complete and correct. Your résumé will stay on file forever and may be updated at any time in the future. Updates are usually inexpensive and often can be done in just a single visit.


This is your stationery for writing a cover letter or a follow-up thank-you (after a good interview). The purpose is to get the potential employer's attention and close on a first or second meeting. This is a one-time fee. Your letterhead, too, stays on file forever. No need to set it up again.

A follow-up thank you reminds a potential employer of your continued interest and closes on the next meeting. Very few people bother to say "thanks." This looks good for you.

Here, we will provide cover letter and follow-up thank you samples. This is far more cost effective for you than our writing individual cover letters, and will save you valuable time.

Cover letter…$20

A cover letter should be clear, to the point, and individually written. No form letters here! We include only the necessary information to bring you to that first interview.

• Printing needs

We provide excellent, very high quality printing of your résumé and/or your letterhead on heavy, conservative paper. (It looks very professional that the résumé and letterhead are on matching paper.) The fee: $15 for 25 one-sheet résumés and $25 for 25 two-sheet résumés. Larger quantities are pro-rated. Nothing is printed until the editing is completed to your satisfaction.

IMPORTANT! Whenever you mail your résumé or deliver it in-person, always present it in a large (9" x 12") envelope. Your cover letter should be on top and your résumé beneath with no staples and no clips to mar your work. Your name will be on every sheet to easily identify you.

• Free consultation

If this is what you need to feel comfortable with our work, NO CHARGE! We're happy to discuss our service and we'll leave sufficient time to prepare a résumé if you decide to do so.

Does this page surprise you?

This is the type of information we want to see whenever we make an important transaction. We wouldn’t expect any less of you.

Your résumé is your calling card and it must be the best it can possibly be.