We will prepare a highly professional and comprehensive résumé, as well as cover letters, letterheads and more, as needed. (We will never press you to take more than you require.) Presentation is extremely important (as is dressing appropriately for the interview) and we will help you look your professional best. If the résumé looks professional and reads well, it will be taken seriously and considered more favorably for an interview.

•  Each client receives highly personalized service. We will treat you just as we wish to be treated: personally, professionally and with confidentiality. Your work is our responsibility, and we take it very seriously!

•  Each résumé is prepared individually, clearly, concisely and to the point. No fat or fillers, and no redundancies. There is nothing to inflate costs or make the résumé longer than necessary to present your unique talents. After preparing nearly 5,000 résumés, we know what to include and what to leave out.

•  There are NO preset formats or forms for you to fill out. We do all the writing for you.

•  We can also edit and update existing résumés. The fees, of course, would be less here. How much less depends on the level of work required to make your résumé presentation as strong as possible.

•  All work remains on file forever. If you need an update in six months or six years, we will take care of it quickly and inexpensively. There's no fee for our saving your work.

A one-on-one, hour-and-a-half interview. If it should take longer, that's OK. Our work isn't finished until it's complete, correct and to your satisfaction.

When you return to review your résumé (often in just one day), any editing is taken care of while you are here. When everything is right, and upon your approval, your final copies will be printed.

All work is printed with the very highest typeset quality. Printing on an excellent, conservative, 24-lb. paper can be done at this time, and you will leave with all your work in hand, fully prepared to take on your job search.


Here is what we offer and how we can help you present yourself as a stronger candidate for the position you want.