AAA Pro Write Résumé Services, with offices in East Brunswick, New Jersey, has been in business for more than 24 years and has completed nearly 5,000 resumes to date.

Our writer has a unique and very strong background with the following qualifications:

•  Master's Degree in Business Education

•  Licensed School Administrator with 33 years in education

•  Author of articles for national magazines

•  Curriculum Writer. Selected repeatedly by the New York City Board of Education

•  Lecturer. Presented extensively, on space and astronomy, for the National Park Service and other organizations in the metropolitan area for more than 12 years

•  Manager of mixed-platform computer labs for the New York City Board of Education.

• He is a naturalist, an environmentalist, and an accomplished painter/artist and photographer.

• Successfully managed this growing résumé business, with drive-in clients from Connecticut to Delaware and a total clientele that now covers 26 states, and 1 country in Europe, for more than 24 years.

•  Our résumé expertise covers a very broad spectrum of fields, including entry-level positions, college internships, administration, management (from secretary to CEO), medicine, law, computers, education (all levels), transportation, manufacturing, scientific research and many others.

•  We have been commended consistently for integrity and confidentiality, and for the extremely personal, professional and thorough approach we take to the needs of each client. Your résumé will be as unique as you are and will reflect your capabilities in a very positive, professional and competitive light.

Please keep in mind that many résumé companies utilize the services of those who have worked in a personnel or human resources capacity. However, simply reading résumés doesn't necessarily qualify one to write professionally. An appropriate analogy might be that after viewing the Discovery Channel for many years, most of us still can't perform surgery. Professional writing is a unique talent that is continuously improved with work, over the years.

Would you hire someone to repair your home without knowing the person’s credentials? We didn’t think so.

Here are our credentials.