What should I bring to help you prepare my résumé?

First and foremost, we need you to allow an hour and a half of your time and be ready to work. We will interview you very thoroughly with regard to your responsibilities and accomplishments. If you are comfortable responding to our questions, fine. If, on the other hand, you are the kind of person who needs to work from notes (some prefer to do it that way), then just jot down whatever refreshes your memory, whether it's dates (we don't usually need months, just the years), job titles, company names and locations, internships, college degree(s) or coursework, other courses, seminars, conferences, etc.

What accomplishments can be attributed to you: anything that you did well, that was appreciated or documented; anything for which you were recognized, commended, received compensation, or even earned a promotion is very important. Each point adds weight to your request to be hired. If you have trouble thinking of accomplishments, we'll help you dig for them. We're good at this.

If you haven't yet worked in your intended field, you will likely display significant, positive characteristics that will impress a potential employer. We will help you find them.

Please don't bring original diplomas, certificates or valuable documentation to the interview. These are too valuable to chance losing. If you think they are important for us to see, bring copies, and have copies prepared for any interview, if they relate to a specific position that you want.

Finally, bring anything else that you feel we need to see in order to prepare your résumé. Please call if you have any questions about this.

How soon will my résumé be ready to start working for me?

In general, most résumés are ready in one or two days. On occasion, we have turned a résumé around the same day (however, we strongly suggest that you give yourself a longer lead time as our schedule may be too tight to accomplish this).

We will produce a very effective resumé for you. Here is what you need to do.